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How to Build Trust in a Relationship?

Establishing a robust foundation of trust is paramount in any connection, demanding both time and intentional effort. Within relationships, trust flourishes when there’s a sense of security and a dedicated commitment to one’s partner. Clinical psychologist and Yeshiva University professor Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, highlights the pivotal role of trust as the cornerstone of a strong relationship. Trusting someone involves relying on them, feeling secure in their company, and having confidence that they won’t mistreat or violate you. According to Romanoff, trust serves as a liberating force, promoting openness and vulnerability within relationships. This foundation can be further strengthened and nurtured through the support of online therapy, offering valuable tools to enhance communication and deepen emotional connections.

Fulfilling and flourishing relationships significantly depend on trust, with positive effects shaping the connection:

1. Encourages Happiness: Trust allows for frank and generous communication, promoting forgiveness and understanding. The faith in your partner, knowing they have your back, enables acceptance of imperfections.

2. Minimizes Conflict: Trust facilitates handling disagreements with a sense of connection. When trust exists, overlooking issues and committing to finding solutions becomes more manageable.

3. Boosts Intimacy: Building trust establishes a solid foundation for a closer and safer relationship. Feeling secure with your partner creates comfort, care, and support, fostering mutual trust.

Effects of a Lack of Trust

A lack of trust can erode the foundation of a relationship over time, leading to low expectations and negative impacts on mental health:

1. Lack of Intimacy: Relationships with little trust often witness a decline in intimacy as partners distance themselves emotionally and physically.

2. Negativity: A perceived betrayal can lead to obsession, distancing, and anger, hindering intimacy and connection.

3. Insecurity: A lack of trust fuels relationship insecurity, prompting constant questioning and potentially driving partners away.

4. Depression and Anxiety: Constant doubts about a partner’s honesty can contribute to depression and anxiety, affecting mental well-being.

5. Problems Focusing: Lack of trust can make it challenging to focus as thoughts are preoccupied with the partner’s intentions and actions.

6. Distress: The mental, emotional, and physical toll of not trusting a partner can manifest as distress, betrayal, and emotional dysregulation.

7. Fear: A lack of trust may induce anxiety and fear about the partner’s actions or reliability during challenging times.

8. Loneliness: Trust issues lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness within the relationship.

Deepening Trust in a Relationship

In close relationships, trust stems from feeling secure in the other person. Infidelity, lies, or broken promises can seriously damage trust, but it is possible to rebuild through commitment. Couple counselling, and couples therapy, offer valuable tools for rebuilding trust. Romanoff suggests practical strategies to encourage trust in relationships, emphasizing openness, effective communication, and shared commitment to the healing process.


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