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Types of Suit Styles

A man’s wardrobe is never complete without a suit for it is a type of garment that can easily command respect and build confidence in its wearer. For all that, many variants of a man’s suit were designed to offer exceptional versatility that can match every mood and occasion. Below are five (5) of the most unique suit styles that deserve a place in your wardrobe. 

Slim Fit Suit

The slim-fit suit is a type of suit that fits all men of all shapes and sizes, which makes the suit a perfect addition to any man’s closet. It features a slim-fit jacket that can effectively contour the body to showcase a narrower look in the chest and waist area while allowing maximum comfort for its wearer. The suit also features pants designed with a small leg opening to visibly make the wearer’s leg appear narrower and taller. As it features a closer cut through the arms and body, the slim-fit suit would make a perfect choice if you’re in the mood to portray a much leaner silhouette.


For those who are frequently invited to white and black-tie events, a tuxedo is a must-have item in their wardrobe. It’s a classic and elegant ensemble that’s extremely comfortable to wear, even for hours on end. What’s unique about a tuxedo is that it features a courtly bow tie and a lustrous satin lapel that defines luxury and class. Aside from its satin lapel, a tuxedo also features satin buttons and a satin stripe in its pants. In itself, satin is a symbol of luxury, which is why tuxedos are the ultimate choice when it comes to attending opulent gatherings. 


If you want to be sartorially elegant in the most subtle way possible, then the pinstripe suit style is the one you need. It is a highly versatile suit that can serve you well, whether at a relaxed casual event or at important social gatherings such as cocktail parties. Unlike the slim-fit suit or tuxedo, a pinstripe suit features a unique stripe pattern that runs in parallel, which makes it one of a kind. In addition, pinstripe suits have now become more popular both as office outfits and as nighttime attire, which makes them a worthy investment for your money. 

Lapel (Notch, Peak, Shawl)

Whether you’re looking for a traditional day-to-day suit, a suit that can better represent your businessman persona, or a suit that you can wear to a lavish gala, there is a lapel that can work for you. For your daily suit, opt for a notch suit that features a v-shaped indent design between its collar and its lapel. If you mean business, then choose a professional-looking peak suit that features a lapel edge that points sharply towards the shoulders. Now, for the most glamorous event, the shawl lapel suit embodies elegance, which makes it an absolute choice for the occasion. 

Single Breasted / Double Breasted

Do you want to suit up more on the safe side, or do you want to show off and stand out in the crowd? The single-breasted suit is your best option if you prefer a suit that you can wear for almost any occasion and is the safest suit as it is contemporary in style. It features a two-button jacket that adds a tight look to your ensemble. But if you are looking for a suit that will make you stand out in the crowd, the double-breasted suit is the answer. It features a jacket designed with two parallel button columns with an overlapped front closure. You can see the visual difference online from reputable men’s suit retailers such as Xposed London.

Now that we have laid out the best suit options available, choosing a suit ensemble to wear on just about any occasion would be extremely easy for you. Simply add a sweet smile and heaps of confidence, and your ensemble will be more than just a suit but an armor that can provide you with the most necessary defenses to help you face the world.


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