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Hire A Disability Lawyer: Signs You Need Legal Assistance.

It can be difficult to understand the complexity of disability insurance claims. If you’re dealing with a long-term disability insurance claim or seeking Social Security Disability, it is important to get the advice of an experienced disability lawyer. This article explores the signs of needing legal help and how experts at Fendon law can make a significant difference in the disability claim process.

Initial Claim Denial

Denying your claim can be a sign that you need a disability lawyer. Even though it is disheartening to get a denial notice, do not lose hope. Many legitimate cases are initially rejected for various reasons. This includes needing more documentation or needing more medical evidence. An experienced disability lawyer can assist you with understanding the reasons for denials, gathering the necessary evidence, and guiding you during the appeals processes to improve your chances.

Complex Medical Conditions

The severity and impact of a medical condition can be difficult to determine on your behalf. Conditions such as neurological conditions, autoimmune illnesses, or mental issues can require extensive documentation and expert opinion to support your claims. Disability attorneys have worked with medical professionals and can ensure that your condition has been fully documented, increasing the likelihood of approval.

Lengthy Wait Times

The process for applying for disability insurance can be time-consuming and lengthy. Waiting for months and even years to get a response can be emotionally and economically draining. A disability lawyer can accelerate the process. They will ensure that your claim is handled quickly and all required documents are submitted. Their expertise will reduce the waiting period for a determination.

Denied Reconsideration

You have the right to ask for a review of your case if you’re denied. Sadly, many reconsideration claims are also rejected. If you’re facing a 2nd denial, you may want to consult a disability lawyer. They can review your case, find any weaknesses, and then develop a stronger approach for your appeal.

Hearing on Disability to be Held Soon

The disability hearing is the final stage of the appeals process. It is an opportunity to present evidence before an administrative judge who will render a verdict based on it. Preparing to attend a hearing on disability can be confusing, but an experienced lawyer can guide and assist you. They can assist you in gathering witnesses, obtaining expert medical testimony, and ensuring you are ready to testify.

The Regulations Are Frequently Changed

Changes to regulations and policies are common in the Social Security Disability insurance program and long-term disabilities. Individuals unfamiliar with disability laws can find it challenging to keep up-to-date on the latest changes. Disability lawyers will be familiar with the latest guidelines and regulations. They can ensure that your claim follows them, which increases your chances of getting approved.


When pursuing disability benefits, there are many signs that you should consult a disability attorney. Finding legal assistance is a great way to improve your chances for a positive outcome, regardless of whether you’re dealing initially with denials from insurance companies, have complex medical issues, or are dealing uncooperatively with an insurer. is a team of experienced disability attorneys who help clients navigate the complexities of disability claims. They also ensure that the client receives the benefits they deserve. You should not hesitate to contact for assistance and expert representation in your disability claims journey if you face any of these warning signs.


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