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What’s included in an HGV training course?

If you’re interested in a career driving the HGVs you see on the motorway, you’ll need to book your place on an HGV training course. But what exactly can you expect from your training and what’s included in an HGV training programme?

Within this blog, the HGV training experts at HGV Training Network explain the ins and outs of HGV training and what it entails.

Why should I embark on HGV training?

If you’ve always dreamt of a rewarding life on the road or wish to switch up your career, becoming an HGV driver is the perfect role for you. However, to make your dreams a reality, you need to undertake an HGV training course.

There are plenty of benefits to training as a driver including:

  • Mouth-watering salaries – sometimes beyond £50,000 depending on location and your employer
  • Independent working
  • A welcomed escape from office politics
  • A change of scenery every time you work
  • The opportunity to travel across the UK and Europe

Learning to become an HGV driver is the gateway to gaining the above – on an HGV driving course, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills to pass your theory and practical tests with flying colours so you can enter the fulfilling world of HGV driving quicker than you thought!

What’s included in an HGV training course package?

Before you book your place on a training programme, it’s beneficial to gain an overview of what you’ll receive for your money. Whether you’re aiming for your Cat C1 licence or Cat C, the training course follows the same format.

Typically, HGV training providers will offer the following as standard:

Medical test

A GP appointment will be arranged by your provider so a medical professional can conduct essential assessments and tests, ensuring you’re fit to drive. Poor vision, uncontrolled Epilepsy and diabetes are just a few examples of conditions that can hinder your ability to drive safely.

If you’re deemed to be unfit to drive, you won’t be able to continue with the course until you’re given the green light by a doctor.

Theory revision materials and test

Your training package will include a range of theory revision tools to help you pass your theory test – which is essential to take your practical examination. This usually involves an interactive app that mimics the format of your test, which you’ll complete in a DVSA test centre. 

Practical training & test

In the run-up to your practical test, you’ll spend five days of intensive training with a seasoned instructor. Your tutor will offer invaluable advice and be equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you pass your test quickly and confidently. 

As HGVs are much larger than cars, they’ll ensure you can deal with the hazards associated with HGV driving competently, can navigate the vehicle and are aware of other road users.

The cost of your practical assessment is included in your HGV training package.

CPC Training

To drive an HGV legally, you must also gain your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) license as well as your HGV qualification. This has been introduced by the DVLA to enhance road safety and driving standards amongst professional drivers.

You’ll complete two modules to gain your CPC qualification – the first is a multiple-choice section, whereas the second is a practical one that tests your vehicle loading knowledge and whether it’s safe to drive.

This added qualification is included in HGV training courses and is completed alongside your theory and practical examinations. 

Choosing a HGV training provider that’s right for you

Now you know what you can expect from your HGV driving programme, it’s time to choose a suitable provider. There are many HGV training providers to pick from, however, you need to find a company that aligns with your needs and has a successful track record of helping trainee drivers enter the world of professional driving.

So, be sure to select a trainer close to you with plenty of recommendations and ratings from past students – you can usually find these on their site or by searching for them on rate sites such as Trustpilot.

This should make your decision much easier and match you with the best training provider available.


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