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What Types of Boilers Are Considered More Efficient in the UK?

Boilers are really significant for keeping homes and businesses warm in the UK. It’s important to pick the right kind of boiler because it can help save energy and protect the environment.

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Let’s talk about the different types of boilers you can find in the UK and figure out which ones are better at saving energy.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are widely recognised as the most efficient type of boiler in the UK. They work by recovering heat from the waste gases that would have been lost otherwise. This makes the best use of energy. These boilers are very efficient because they release latent heat energy when they condense the water vapour in the waste gases.

Advantages of condensing boilers

High efficiency: Condensing boilers are more efficient than non-condensing ones, with efficiency ratings of above 90%.

Reduced energy bills: Because condensing boilers are so efficient, they use less energy and cost people less to heat their homes.

Lower carbon emissions: Less carbon dioxide is released into the air because condensing boilers use less fuel to make heat, which meets UK sustainability guidelines.

Combi Boilers

People in the UK also like combination (combi) boilers because they are small and can heat and heat water on demand. Combi boilers are easier to use and take up less room than condensing boilers, but they are not as efficient.

Advantages of combi boilers

Space-saving design: Because they don’t need a hot water cylinder or a cold water storage tank, combi boilers are great for small homes.

Quick hot water delivery: Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains, so you can get hot water quickly.

Energy efficiency: They aren’t as efficient as condensing boilers. Newer combi boilers are more efficient than older boilers.

System Boilers

System boilers are a middle ground between combi boilers and traditional heat-only boilers. They incorporate a hot water storage cylinder. However, unlike conventional boilers, they do not require a separate cold-water tank in the loft. System boilers are known for their ease of installation and efficient operation. They are ideal for large homes because of the hot water tank they have to supply sufficient water and heat supply.

Advantages of system boilers

Efficient Heating: When you use the current heating controls and thermostats with system boilers. They do a good job of keeping your home warm.

Suitable for Larger Properties: System boilers are a good choice for big homes with many bathrooms that need a constant supply of hot water.

Less Risk of Freezing: System boilers don’t need a water tank in the loft, so they’re less likely to freeze during cold weather, making them more reliable.

Regular Boilers

Regular boiler systems, also called conventional, traditional, heat-only, or open-vent boilers, are the hardest to install or change.

A regular boiler includes:

  • A hot and cold water storage tank.
  • The boiler itself.
  • An expansion cistern next to the cold water tank.
  • This takes up quite a bit of space in a home, and it’s usually preferable to switch to a combi so that these tanks can be removed.

Regular boiler advantages

  • Regular boilers can supply hot water to two or more bathrooms simultaneously and won’t affect water pressure or heating.
  • An immersion boiler can be fitted to the hot water tank to ensure you can still get hot water in the case of a boiler breakdown.
  • Regular boilers are suitable for homes that suffer from low water pressure.
  • Compatible with solar energy sources in the same way as a system boiler.


There are pros and cons to each type of boiler in the UK. The most ECO-friendly and energy-efficient boilers are condensing boilers. However, combi, system, and regular boilers may work based on the amount of room, the need for hot water, and the environment. Based on your needs, pick an energy-efficient boiler that will heat your home well and save you money on energy costs.


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