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Ways To Make Your Custom Tincture Boxes Special and Distinctive

You always act intensely prudent for tincture preparation and use scientific methods to separate active herbal ingredients from bark, leaves, and berries by soaking them in vinegar and alcohol. Very Precise! But how accurate do you get when it comes to packing and presenting or shipping your CBD tincture to your customers?

If your customers prefer someone else’s product over your quality tinctures, it means your retail display strategy is not doing the right job for you. You need packaging experts and new tincture boxes that encapsulate your product needs and represent your brand well to the customers so they pick your items at first glance.

Focus on Telltale Signs Projecting Towards Redesigning Need

If your tincture is not grabbing the attention of your customers and your sales are on a downward spiral, there are some reasons you need to consider first:

● Competitors are modifying their packaging, making them revolutionary and technologically advanced, but you lack such high-end features. Your packaging design and style of custom CBD tincture boxes are probably outdated.

● Your brand has been selecting untrendy packaging differing from the interests of your target audience.

● Your packaging is missing the element of some essential functionality like durability during shipping, child-resistant locks, or sustainability.

Now, let’s dig out the way of choosing elegant custom tincture boxes that speak volumes about your brand and engage your customers well.

Revitalize Your Custom Tincture Boxes

When reinforcing your brand recognition and the visual appeal of your tincture, custom tincture boxes are the right choice. You can print all the brand assets, including logos and artwork, in a specific color scheme that aligns with your image. The colors of your packaging will be more vibrant when you choose the latest technological printing techniques for manufacturing of creative tincture packaging. Use CMYK printing, digital printing, or Pantone Matching System printing to get the perfect packaging results.

As your tincture is a natural product, you can show it to your customers by launching a special edition packaging by removing AI (Artificial Intelligence) from your brand name like Tropicana (pure orange juice only) did.

Choose the Rich Imagery

Design is something that amuses, dramatizes, and clarifies your customers. You can customize your design according to upcoming events or celebrations. For instance, you can add geometrical patterns to your tincture packaging without losing the touch of minimalism. Also, illustrations of leaves, herbs, stems, CBD extracts, etc., could be added. The pastels are preferred, but you can keep the enrichment by using a varied palette.

Don’t forget to tell your customers to take a pic of the packaging and send it to you. Display those pics on social media for more engagement.

Sustainable Packaging for Your CBD Tincture

As a pharmaceutical brand, you take care of human health. You can extend the same intention to the environment by using sustainable tincture packaging for your products. The materials of custom tincture boxes are typically made of sustainable Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard.

For durability, change the thickness of the packaging boxes, varying between 9pt to 24pt, by accounting for your distance and logistics needs so your product remains safe during transit.  

Inform Your Customers!

These boxes are the best way to attract your customers and apply a direct-to-consumer model. When your customers notice all the special ingredients and formulas of your tincture, the transparency will encourage them to recommend your tinctures to friends and family because of their high effectiveness. The display of ingredients also helps them to know that your product is herbal-based rather than a mixture of some unknown chemicals.

Set the Tone for Your Pharmaceutical Brand

Most of the time, a pharmaceutical brand has a serious tone, so they must also maintain it in their packaging. However, if you have a serious, quirky, or forward-thinking tone, you can showcase the same identity through your packaging boxes. It’s better to select your font style to present the same voice. For example, try using Time Burner or Autobus Bold to not only exhibit your product info or brand name vividly but also to provide a holistic and eye-catching experience to your customers.

Add a Layer of Grace to Your CBD Tincture Boxes

A little glitter or shine on your tincture packaging will never bankrupt you.

You can use gold or silver hot stamping to bring your packaging into the limelight on the retail shelf. Also, spot UV and matte or gloss laminates can be game changers. On the one hand, anti-scratch coating protects your product from daily wear and tear. Aqueous coating, on the other hand, shields your boxes from moisture and light.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical brand sends its product safely with the help of adding dividers and inserting them in bigger boxes if necessary. Where inserts provide exemplary cushioning for fragile tincture bottles, dividers ensure a tidy display. The use of hang-tags and custom stickers or labels will do wonders, too. 


It is quite clear that brands can improve their brand awareness while conveying the brand’s values by focusing on crafting innovative and trendy custom tincture boxes – that are not only aesthetically tempting but also incredibly functional. From refurbishing packaging designs to including sustainable materials and guaranteeing informative labeling, various approaches can be beneficial for enhancing the appeal of tincture packaging. Half Price Packaging is the one-stop solution for you to realize all of the requirements of your tincture boxes. Our packaging experts are well-versed in creating packaging with sleek designs and secure closures using eco-friendly materials. Contact us to foster long-term customer loyalty and differentiate yourself from your competitors. We are ensuring fast and easy tincture box delivery with free shipping in the USA, Canada, and Australia.


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