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Vans Size 14: A Footwear Revolution for People with Large Feet

You cannot blame someone if they are born with big feet and are large in figure. In fact, many people like people with height. However, when you are large in size, your feet will also showcase the same capacity. This is where the problem starts. Not many companies are habituated to producing footwear for people with large feet.

So, finding a big-size shoe or open footwear is difficult. Buying shoes sometimes becomes challenging for people with wide and large feet. It often leads to wearing a smaller size of footwear than their actual feet size. This is very disturbing and uncomfortable for any person.

Apart from that, it can be a reason for foot damage and serious pain if you keep using smaller sizes. Swelling arch pain, blisters, and bunions are common discomforts that you may feel with smaller-size footwear. Now the question is: Are Vans good for large feet?

Well, Vans size 14 is particularly for people with big feet. Vans has been in the footwear market for years now. Their focus is to design various styles that provide comfort to the people as well.

Considering style and comfort at the same time is not an easy task to go for. However, they have considered this a daunting task while planning for the future of the company. Now, they are thriving in the market with luxury and ease.

Some of their famous styles incorporate unique outer lining, padding, and insolation. However, depending on the feet type, you may choose to go with a perfect pair of Vans.

Tips While Choosing Footwear For Large Feet

Considering your feet size while choosing footwear is important. You cannot blame someone after buying shoes for yourself in a different size. It is your duty to ensure that size fits your feet.

However, you are not alone in this mess. Many people face the same sort of problem while dealing with their footwear.

These are the steps that you need to be cautious about while buying footwear:

  • Get your feet measured.
  • Choose laced shoes over slip-ons or shoes with straps.
  • Avoid high heels.
  • Take your shoes to a shoe repair store.
  • Look for brands you know you like.

Large feet have many problems while adjusting to the footwear. So, whenever it comes to the size of it, you need to be aware of things like the brand that suits your feet and also the heels.

Why Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

Are you struggling with finding comfortable shoes that fit your wide feet? If so, you will find hundreds of companions with the same problem. Not many people have big feet, and that starts the problem. Fewer people consider lower demands, and companies get reluctant to prepare according to the lower demand.

Many people with wide feet find it challenging to find shoes that accommodate their foot shape without sacrificing style.

Fortunately, Vans, the iconic skateboarding shoe brand, has become a popular choice for people with wider feet. Here, we will try to explore the reasons why Vans are good for wide feet and why you should consider adding them to your shoe collection.

Vans Wide Toe Box

When we start walking, our feet mostly put pressure on the toes and the balls. Here, Vans focuses on foot engineering and produces a proper box to guard the toes beneath it. So, the box does not get crushed under pressure, and your big feet get the best balance possible.

Heel Stability

Why choose Vans for your large feet?

Well, most large feet are wide as well. So, if you go for heels, it can be a major risk. Pencil heels are strictly prohibited for big feet people. It can cause huge damage to your legs and feet as well.

However, if you still want to wear heels, you can choose a stable option. Vans provide heels with stability. It will provide you with durability and prominence while walking.

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Arch Support

If you have big feet, you need a better and more comfortable arch support than average-sized feet. The insoles and inserts that can guard your arches may lead to better support.

Vans focuses on its arch support with inner padding to deliver an extra layer of support to your feet. Now, you are safe with your big feet even when dealing with a prolonged journey. These are some of the other supports Vans provides with their 14-size big shoes for people with big feet:

  • Closure Method.
  • Adjustable Buckles and Laces.
  • Ankle Support.
  • Material.

Thus, they are bringing a revolution to the footwear industry to support large feet.


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