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New Platform Revolutionizes Custom MTG Card Printing

PrintMTG has announced the launch of its revolutionary platform, redefining the creation and printing of Magic (MTG) proxy cards. This new service significantly advances from traditional proxy card production, providing a sophisticated and user-friendly solution for Magic enthusiasts.’s platform features an MTG Card Maker, allowing extensive customization of proxy cards. Users can fully design, edit, and customize aspects of the card, including text, artwork, and symbols, using high-quality templates. The platform also enables uploading personal high-resolution designs for card fronts and backs, offering personalization previously unavailable in traditional proxy making.

The service utilizes S33 German Black Core cardstock, renowned for its quality and resemblance to original MTG cards in texture and durability. This choice of material marks a significant upgrade over traditional methods, often leading to lower quality due to inferior paper and printing techniques. boasts a user-friendly interface, simplifying the proxy card creation process. It includes a card finder tool, allowing easy access to a vast database of card artwork and enabling the creation of high quality proxies with minimal effort.

The platform promises a quick production turnaround of 1-2 business days. It offers fast shipping options, significantly improving the often unpredictable and lengthy production and delivery times associated with traditional proxy printing.

Offering competitive pricing, PrintMTG makes high-quality proxies accessible without breaking the bank. The platform also fosters a community of Magic players, providing a space for sharing ideas and deck-building tips. Customer support is readily available, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

PrintMTG is committed to environmentally conscious printing processes, allowing players to enjoy their game without impacting the planet. The platform is regularly updated with new features, card frames, and improvements, keeping up with the latest trends and user needs.

PrintMTG aims to deliver an unmatched experience in the world of MTG proxies. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, combined with its innovative tools and services, positions it as a leading solution for Magic: the Gathering players looking for high-quality, personalized proxy cards.

For more information, inquiries, or support, customers can email PrintMTG, their main service channel, or visit their website for detailed information on their offerings. This launch represents a milestone in the MTG community with offers a unique blend of quality, creativity, and customer-focused services, catering to casual players and serious collectors. The team invites MTG enthusiasts to explore its platform and experience the new MTG proxy card creation standard.

PrintMTG specializes in creating custom MTG proxy cards that integrate seamlessly with existing decks and collections, providing a unique and high-quality gaming experience. Dedicated to enhancing the MTG playing experience, PrintMTG continues to innovate and lead in proxy card printing.

James Vince

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