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Living with Allergies- Tips to Prevent Symptoms

If you have allergies, your symptoms may never go out of season, but you can take steps to prevent allergy attacks and to lessen your symptoms. There are practical things you can do every day at work and at home that will make life easier for you and allow you to avoid most of the worst allergy symptoms.

Are you ready to breathe easier? Try these effective tips for reducing and eliminating allergy symptoms every day.

Clean Your Bedding Frequently

Your bed should be a place where you can feel comfortable and able to relax, but if your sheets are not clean, they may be packed with irritating particles that will set off your allergy symptoms. We carry all sorts of tiny bits of dirt, grime, pollen, and other irritants on our clothes, our skin, and in our hair. These can end up deposited around the house, and if they end up on your pillow or bed sheets, then they can make for sleepless nights and can cause difficulty breathing.

One of the simplest ways to drastically reduce allergy attacks and symptoms is to clean your bedding on a regular basis. We would say just clean it as often as is necessary since everyone is different, but for a specific recommendation, we would say to clean them at least once a week. Clean the linen more often, if necessary, like during times when the bed is extra dirty.

Wash Your Hands as Often as Possible

Another good habit to develop is handwashing. Your hands will often come into contact with your face throughout the day, and that is in close proximity to your sinuses and eyes, which are where you are most vulnerable to allergens. You want to ensure that your hands are clean. You should wash them after any activity that will dirty them and keep hand sanitizer on you for those times when you don’t have access to a sink.

Washing your hands cuts down on germs a lot, and it greatly reduces your risk of catching any kind of sickness. If you are not able to wash or sanitize your hands after they come into contact with something dirty, keep them away from your face if at all possible. This simple precaution will save you a lot of trouble with your allergies.

Have Your Home Cleaned

If you clean your home yourself, your allergies will likely act up. There are some cleaning tasks that are really bad for many kinds of allergies. If you dust, sweep, or vacuum, your sinuses can get clogged up. Your eyes may start running, and your nose can begin dripping because of the way your allergies are affected.

It may not be wise to do the cleaning yourself in your home, so Lucas with Imagine House Cleaning in San Antonio offers another option. His recommendation is that some homeowners and renters rely on professional house cleaning services to keep their homes tidy.  

Take Showers when Coming Indoors

If you have any kind of pollen allergies or seasonal allergies, then you need to take extra precautions when you are outside. You don’t want to bring any of those allergens indoors, since they can become extra irritating in the confined space and stale air of your home. So, when you come in from being outside, make sure you get rid of any pollen residue that you can.

You can do this by shaking off your coat and shoes outside instead of brushing them off inside or bringing them in dirty. You can also shower once you get inside. This may seem like going too far- to bathe each time you come inside- but if you have really bad allergies and it is allergy season, then that bath is going to help. It’s up to you how careful you want to be and how free from allergy symptoms you would like to be. Allergies might not be very pleasant to live with, but you can make them more tolerable by keeping the pollen out of your house as much as possible.

Identify All of Your Allergies

This generation has more allergies than any generation before that. Why that is, well, that’s a matter for speculation, but the truth is that you are more likely to have allergies than your ancestors. You may have allergies and not know it, or you may know about some of your allergies but not all of them. If you really want to protect yourself from allergy symptoms, then you need to know what to watch out for.

It’s a good idea to be professionally tested for allergies if you never have. Some allergies will only develop later in life, or more accurately, will only appear later, even though they were there all along in a milder form. If you haven’t gone for an allergy test in a while, it might be a good idea to have one done. Once you know what your allergies are- the full range of them- you can do a better job of keeping yourself safe.

Clean Your Car

Your bed is one place where allergens will hang out a lot, but the car is probably the second most common place to find them. If you drive, then you probably have a lot of dirt, dust, and other particles sitting in your car. These can easily bother you in the confined space of your vehicle, and if you want to minimize your symptoms, then you should have your car interior cleaned often.

If you have to drive every day, then imagine how many allergens you are cooped up inside the car with during those hours. Your car may not be a safe place for you if it isn’t cleaned often, but any allergy sufferers would be wise to have their car cleaned as often as possible. Go to a professional car cleaning business to get this done so that you don’t fire up your allergies by trying to clean your own car.  


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