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How to Reduce Moving Stress in the Elderly

Moving can be quite stressful and, in a way, pretty difficult if mishandled. From trying to make sure that you catch all deadlines, making sure you do not lose anything, and filling dozens of paperwork, the moving process is hectic all the way! As such, completing all these dozens of tasks can be a real obstacle, especially if not properly planned. It then becomes very important to plan the process well. Remember, moving is not only the transportation of goods from point A to B. Rather, but it’s also a long and fairly complex process that begins the very moment you decide to move up until the day you are in your new home. Appreciating this and acting accordingly will surely make life a whole lot easier for you! Consider hiring an office moving company in NYC to handle the logistics smoothly.

Although moving can be done in a way that is efficient and hassle-free, it is not as easy, especially if you are advancing in terms of age. Elderly people tend to find it very difficult to move, especially with the advancement of technology and its widespread use in modern processes that have led to many changes which they can’t keep up with. Due to this, moving is a relatively different dynamic for elderly people and should be handled a lot differently to make it a lot easier for the elderly. They will, therefore, need all the help they can get. Below are some simple tips to observe when helping your elderly friends or relatives to move hassle-free (or when moving with them).

Exercise Extreme Patience

The younger generation is quite notorious for its fast-paced nature. With age, however, some really simple things like getting up and down a flight of stairs can become very difficult and take a lot of time. It is important to understand that it can be fairly difficult for the elderly to complete seemingly very simple tasks. With this in mind, it is important to make sure you take your time with the elderly. It is a really difficult time for them, and they need all the politeness and patience they can get as they are most probably going to find it difficult to keep up with deadlines and fail to complete some tasks on time. The worst thing you can do is scold them, the best thing you should do is constantly remind them of the deadlines and make sure you continuously follow-up on their progress to make sure they complete all the given or necessary tasks.

Moving for most elderly people means they are starting a whole new way of life. Unlike young people, elderly people are most likely to take very long to adapt to change. They are most likely to find it hard to get settled in their new residence. They will most likely seek help with very small tasks, and this might end up becoming more of a nuisance to the impatient. However, this is also a high-time they need you the most. You should take the time to explain to them everything they need to know. If they forget something you just told them, be patient with them, and go over it again with them one more time and again if necessary.

Do not override or nit-pick!

The most important thing you should remember when dealing with most elderly people is they hate being treated like they are kids. It is important to note that whilst you might be doing most of the work, it is still about them, and you should always ask for their opinion before making decisions. You have to understand that they are still in charge. It is rude to decide to do something that concerns them without asking them about it, and they are most likely going to hate you for it, regardless of your good intentions. There are, however, some essential tasks that you may undertake without taking into account their personal view if they are unavailable. What is important is to make sure that you do not force anything on your elderly relative or friend to avoid confrontations. Do not go around changing things they had already decided on without prior permission. That’s rude!

Comprehensively plan the move

The best way to make sure that a move is hassle-free is to make sure that, before the move, you have a comprehensive plan. The plan should have a timeline. When making that plan, consult with your elderly friend or relative first. The plan should try by all means to ensure that the person of interest gets a concrete role that makes them feel like part of the process as much as possible. The plan should be flexible and also allow room for adjustments, elderly people can at times want to change things, and it is essential to have a plan that can allow you to factor in those changes.

The best way to make a plan effective is to ensure that it’s followed. This can be difficult with elderly people as they can take longer to complete tasks, and they may also forget some. It is important to constantly remind your elderly friend or relative of their tasks, and if they fail to complete the task, it becomes imperative to ensure that there is a backup plan. Dividing the process into small multiple tasks will make it easier for you and your elderly relative or friend.

Be emotionally supportive

For most young people, moving is usually a whole new adventure and comes with new exciting challenges. The story is quite different for elderly people, and they tend to be more emotionally affected by moving than their younger counterparts. Moving is, in most cases, emotionally tiring for elderly people and often associated with unfortunate events such as deaths, they will most probably be leaving a place they have been in for a very long time, and this is likely to be very hard for them. You need to be emotionally available all the way. Try as hard as you can to reassure them that the move is for the better, and everything will turn out just fine. If they or you can afford it, engage a therapist to help ease their stress, and make the move a more pleasant experience.

As we wind up, moving is quite a huge decision for the elderly, so don’t expect them to see everything your way, no matter how much your way may be better. Instead of forcefully dragging them along for the ride, try to negotiate your way through the ordeal and always seek compromises. After all, grandpas and grandmas are often quite willing to negotiate.


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