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How to Hire ReactJS Developers? Challenges & Detailed Guide

According to Statista, in 2024, JavaScript remained the most used programming language worldwide. JavaScript completed 9 years in a row as the most popular language among developers. Out of all the JavaScript libraries, ReactJS has been widely used by top industries such as Instagram, Walmart, Wix, and many other leading names.  

Hire ReactJS developers if your business requires highly scalable, robust, and cost-effective digital solutions. Keep reading this blog to discover the top challenges while going to hire React developers and detailed step-by-step processes to hire ReactJS developers for your future project.

 React is also known as ReactJS or React. JS is an open-source JavaScript library mainly used for developing interactive UI. It is one of the top front-end technologies enabling developers to build complicated web applications quickly.  

According to data research, the ReactJS downloads crossed almost 5.9 million in February 2022. Moreover, the 2021 report of Stack Overflow says that React JS is the most used JavaScript library. Out of 49941 programmers, 19864 chose ReactJS as their preferred technology. 

 There are various stunning features of ReactJS that make it the top choice for web app development. Due to these features, the front-end react developers can effectively develop large-scale web applications that can change data without reloading the page. According to ReactJS developers, ReactJS is an excellent platform for creating interactive UI with great flexibility and ease.  

But finding the top ReactJS development company is not easy. Hiring an inexperienced and less skilled developer affects your application’s overall look and functionality. Hence you should be very careful while going to hire React developers.

This blog will prove helpful in your hunt for talented developers. Let’s start by discussing what’s the benefit of choosing ReactJS. 

Why Hire React JS developer?

The dedicated ReactJS developer utilizing ReactJS technology implements the features in the web application that are critical for users. Along with UI designers, the ReactJS developers are responsible for everything you see on the web page. When you hire React developers, you can fully leverage this technology and provide wings to your web apps. Let’s cover some of the major advantages of ReactJS technology from developers’ and business points of view. 

Benefits From Developer’s Perspective

  • Every year the public API of ReactJS remains the same; hence it is easier for developers to refresh the code while using its old pieces.
  • Learning ReactJS is easier for any developer having experience in JavaScript.
  • The application developed with ReactJS is faster with the help of reusable components and the ‘Create React App’ Starter kit.
  • Facebook backs ReactJS and a community of developers; hence it’s easy to solve issues while working with ReactJS.
  • The ReactJS debugging tools help developers to debug the codes easily.
  • It is easier to create a custom implementation.
  • In ReactJS every component and subcomponent can be reused whenever needed.

Benefits From Enterprises Perspective

  • ReactJS is one of the mature and stable technologies. Its popularity has increased in the past few years.
  • Applications developed with this technology have a fast-loading speed.
  • It is one of the SEO-friendly JavaScript libraries.
  • It helps reduce the time-to-market and thus enhances the overall productivity of any business.
  • The ReactJS apps are directly rendered on the server and don’t require a browser.

Top 6 Challenges while going to Hire ReactJS Developers

When you explore the market to Hire React developers, you will notice that finding talented developers has become insanely tough over the years. Especially if you are residing in countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Norway, or Netherland, it is pretty tricky to find the right gem in the crowd as demand is very high. We have covered here some of the common challenges you meet while going to hire React developers.  

  • Increased Demand for ReactJS developers

According to Statista, in 2022, React JS is the 2nd most demanded technology among developers globally. Check out the graph below. 

Most used Technology among Developers Worldwide in 2022

Fast development, SEO-friendliness, scalability, and code reusability are some of the top reasons big enterprises like Netflix, Uber, and PayPal run on this JavaScript Library. Let’s cover some more reasons to understand why enterprises are so interested in implementing ReactJS. 

  1. Improved code stability
  2. Fast app development time
  3. Powerful toolkit
  4. Use Virtual DOM to render components fast.

Due to this enhancing demand for ReactJS, everyone wants to hire React developers, so, it’s becoming difficult day by day to find the right talent for your enterprise.  

  • Many Options Available in the Market

Due to the increasing demand for this technology, various leading Web development companies started their own ReactJS web development services. Hence the number of ReactJS service providers is increasing steadily. It is proved from the below stats- 

  1. ReactJS has a bigger and more active community than Vue or Angular. Currently, it is used by 11.2m developers and has 1560 contributors.
  1. According to the State of JS 2020 report, the number of ReactJS developers has increased in the last few years.

  1. Check out the graph below, which shows the percentage of developers who want to use a particular technology again. It is clearly seen that this percentage is more in the case of ReactJS as compared to all other technologies.

As we can see, there are many options to hire React developers. Hence finding the person with the required skill set is like finding a needle in a haystack.  

  • Low Engagement & Motivation

When people work in a team, they get motivated by the project success driven by the collaborated efforts. But when a developer works in a remote setting due to a communication gap, the bond with the team is missing. Due to this, many self-employed developers in USA suffer from depression. These unmotivated developers are the obstacle to your project’s success.  

  • Competition with Large Enterprises

Most ReactJS developers are more interested in working with a large organization. Because they believe that big corporations will provide great bonuses and superior working conditions. Moreover, the developers are attracted by the corporate principles of large businesses.  

  • Lack of Right Talent in your Area

If you live in a small city, finding a proficient ReactJS developer to join your team isn’t easy. If you are ok with remote work, you can find ReactJS developers from other parts of the region. But in that case, you have to check the mode of communication, and team collaboration

  • Exaggerated CV

Some developers inflate their work experience and falsify their CVs to deceive employers. So, if you don’t have technical knowledge, it is tough to validate a candidate. The solution to this issue is either you become technically sound in React technology or else outsource ReactJS development.

Hire ReactJS Developers: what skills to look for?

While going to hire ReactJS developers first decide what skills you are looking for in a candidate. There are various technical and soft skills that developers must have to develop robust applications. 

Technical Skills of React JS developer

  • As ReactJS is a JavaScript library, the developers must know JavaScript to understand the flow and architecture of apps.
  • The developers must be aware of ci/cd tools and DevOps like GitHub and unit testing.
  • Developers should be experts in HTML/CSS and ES6.
  • He must be capable of writing clear codes, which helps in the design and development of the app.
  • He should have a deep understanding of Webpack/Browserify tools.
  • He must have experience in the React Router library.
  • The developer should understand the concept and principles of Virtual DOM and JSX.
  • The developer must have experience in Type checkers such as ProTypes and Flow.
  • He must know at least one testing framework- Enzyme, Jest, Selenium, and Cypress.

Besides this, developers must know pre-built components. The component library saves the time and effort of the developer. The top 8 component libraries that the developer you are going to hire must be aware of are:

Soft Skills of ReactJS developer

  • As ReactJS developer encompasses different aspects of software delivery, he must be comfortable working in a team environment.
  • He should have a professional and transparent communication approach.
  • As the English language is common in various regions and countries, the developer must be proficient in English.
  • He should have a learning attitude towards seniors and a helping attitude towards juniors.
  • He should have multitasking qualities and be good at managing time.
  • Work in a planned or systematic way to deliver projects on time.
  • Find someone who can always reflect your company’s values and culture.

Hire React JS Developers: Step-By-Step Guide

We have covered here the proven best practices to hire the best developers. The whole process is divided into 6 simple steps. Follow all these steps to onboard the deserving developer for web app development. Understand the hiring process just like a sales funnel. Look at the image below for more clarity.  

6-Step Process to Hire ReactJS Developers

STEP1: Understand You Project Needs and Budget

In the first step, define the need of your application, such as its features, functionality, complexity, and overall look and feel. Understanding your project requirement will help you decide on the budget for the application. Based on that budget, you can determine your hiring process, like whether you want to hire a freelancer or the whole ReactJS development company for your project.  

What you need to define-

  • Goals you want to achieve through web application
  • Your potential user requirement for application
  • Feature and complexity of web application
  • Budget of web application
  • No. Of developers you want to hire
  • Freelancer or ReactJS development company
  • Required Skill & Knowledge

You can reach out to top outsourcing companies if you don’t want to spend much time in hiring processes. They will help to smoothly onboard the right talent within your budget and timeline.

STEP2: Gather Candidates

After knowing the goal of application development in the previous step, it’s time to find candidates who can implement the decided functionality in the app. There are various platforms where you can meet talented developers. Let’s cover some of the best places to hire react developers.

Best places to Hire ReactJS Developers in 2024
  • eLuminous Technologies

eLuminous Technologies is a leading ReactJS outsourcing company. You can easily hire ReactJS developers with 5+ years of experience here. The ReactJS development team at eLuminous has successfully delivered digital solutions to various big and small industries. The best part of eLuminous is it provides developers on a monthly/hourly/fixed project basis. Hence you can easily hire developers as per your requirements.  

  • Upwork

It is one of the best freelancing platforms to hire ReactJS developers of all skill levels (senior, middle, junior). You need to add your requirements for the developer, like preferred tech stack, experience, location, etc. A list of developers will be there. You can check the reviews and ratings of all the developers and choose the best person.  

  • Clutch

Clutch is also one of the top platforms to hire ReactJS developers. It consists of a list of proficient web and app development companies. You can check the reviews and client ratings of all these companies and hire the best one for your project.  

  • Community Forums

Community forums are the places where you can find a bunch of great developers. It is like a social networking site where developers connect with other developers and share their successes, failures, and experiences. They can also discuss their issues related to web and mobile app development. You can find dedicated software developers on the community forums but look for a developer who is more actively solving or sharing problems on forums. Some of the best online communities for developers are:

  • Referrals

Ask your current employees to refer a developer with the required skill and knowledge. To encourage employees, give them a bonus in return for referring. But make sure to give a reward or gift only after the referred person joins your team.

  • Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is on social media platforms. Hence the chances are more to find some good developers over there. LinkedIn is one of the most effective b2b platforms for finding genuine ReactJS developers. On LinkedIn, write a post regarding the need to hire ReactJS developers. You will soon get a lot of responses. Check the profile of all the developers and select some of them based on years of experience in ReactJS technology.

STEP3: Shortlist TOP 15 Candidates

Select the top 15 candidates from the top places discussed above. Choose the candidate based on expertise in ReactJS. Also, check their website before taking any decision. Do select the one who has done a project similar to yours. 

STEP 4: Interview the Candidates

The top 15 candidates are further interviewed to check their technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit. Before taking the interview, divide all the candidates into three gradations based on their abilities: junior level, middle level, and senior. We have covered some questions you can ask to check the developer’s proficiency.

  • Questions for Junior Level Developer
  • What are the top 5 benefits of using ReactJS?
  • How do you give a name to components in React?
  • What is an event?
  • Why do we call setState in ReactJS
  • How to change the position of CSS boxes in ReactJS?
  • Questions for Middle Level Developer
  • How to transform JSX to JX?
  • What is undefined and null in JavaScript?
  • Explain the Event loop in JS.
  • How can we avoid component rendering in ReactJS?
  • Why do we use hooks in ReactJS?
  • Questions for Senior Level Developer
  • What are the keys in ReactJS, and why do you need them?
  • How to use setInterval/ setTimeout in React Components?
  • How do we create refs in ReactJS?
  • Top 3 differences between hooks and redux.
  • Explain ReactJS component lifecycle

STEP 5: Decide the Top Performer

Now it’s time to Select the top performer based on  

  • Performance in Interview
  • Communication skills
  • Passion for technology
  • The number of years of experience.

STEP 6: Get in Agreement & Onboarding

Once you have finalized the right developer for your next project, soon get into agreement with him. The agreement consists of salary details, mode of payment (monthly, hourly), time duration of the project, etc. This agreement helps to solve any dispute that arises in the future between you and the developer. 

Congratulations, the ReactJS developer is ready to onboard and can start work on your project.

Freelancer vs React JS Development Company

Now get into the most demanded discussion among business. Should I hire a freelancer or an experienced ReactJS development company? Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on your business requirements.  

If you are a start-up or want to develop basic web applications, hire a freelancer. But if your business needs feature-rich complex applications, hire ReactJS developers from a top ReactJS development company.  

Let’s check out the pros and cons in both cases.

Pros of Hiring Freelancers

  • It is cost-effective to hire a freelancer.
  • It is easier to hire freelancers.
  • You have access to a vast pool of talent across the globe.

Cons of Hiring Freelancers

  • A freelancer works on so many projects at a time, so time spent on your project is less, resulting in a delay in the project’s completion.
  • As only a single person works on your project, the chances of errors are greater.
  • It is not a good option for developing large-scale applications that can only be possible with the help of a dedicated software development team.

Pros of Hiring ReactJS Developers from Front-end Development Company

  • One of the best ways to hire ReactJS developers to work on your web applications.
  • You can hire React developers from the flexible hiring model- hourly/monthly/yearly based on your project need.
  • Highly proficient ReactJS developers can develop complex, feature-rich applications.
  • No need to worry about the background of the developer.
  • Easily increase or decrease the number of developers anytime during application development.

Cons of Hiring ReactJS Developers from Front-end Development Company

  • Costly as compared to hiring a single freelancer.
  • The time taken to onboard the developer increases as the process goes through lots of documentation.


ReactJS is a leading JavaScript library. Its popularity steadily increases year by year. The mind-blowing features and functionality of this library encourage businesses and developers to use this technology for building large- and small-scale web applications. I am sure, like your competitors, you have also made up your mind to use this technology for your next project.  

We hope this guide will help you hire best ReactJS developers with the required skill sets. If you still have any queries feel free to reach out to our dedicated ReactJS support team.  


Ethan is the founder, owner, and CEO of EntrepreneursBreak, a leading online resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With over a decade of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Ethan is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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