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How to Face Swap on Your Phone –  Fun and Easy Guide

Do you want to add a touch of creativity and humor to your photos? Face swapping is a fun way to transform your look or swap faces with friends, family, or even celebrities. With the advancements in technology, face swapping has become easier than ever, thanks to various apps available on your phone.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to face swap on your phone using popular tools.

What is AI Face Swap App & How Does It Work?

An AI face swap app is a mobile application that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to swap faces in photos or videos. These apps use advanced algorithms to detect and swap faces seamlessly, creating realistic and entertaining results. AI face swap apps have become popular for their ability to produce high-quality face swaps with minimal effort from the user.

Some popular AI face swap apps include FaceApp, Reface, and Face Swap Live. These apps offer a variety of features such as gender swaps, age progression/regression, celebrity face swaps, and more. Users can simply upload a photo or record a video, select the desired face swap effect, and let the app do the rest using AI technology.

How to Face Swap on Your Phone

Let’s take Snapchat Face Swap as an example. Open the Snapchat app on your phone and switch to the front-facing camera. Press and hold on your face until you see a selection of lenses appear at the bottom of the screen. Look for the face swap lens (usually with two smiley faces) and tap on it. Align your face with the face of the person you want to swap with, and voila! You have successfully face swapped.

How to Do Face Swap tool without Download Any Apps on Your Phone

iSmartta is designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable face swapping experience directly from your mobile device. With no download required, you can easily swap faces on your mobile browser.

Step 1 Access the Website: 

Simply visit iSmartta on your mobile browser to get started. This mobile-friendly design ensures that you can enjoy face swapping on the go.

Step 2: Upload your base image or video

The second major step is to upload the base media onto the website by tapping on the “Upload Video/Image” button. This image or video contains the face that will be replaced by your target image. As most platforms are programmed to identify and process portrait images, please follow this trend for optimal results. 

Step 3: Upload your target image.

The final step is to upload your target image which can be done by tapping on the “Upload target image” option. The facial features within this image will be lifted and applied onto the base image, As with the previous step, for the best results, opt towards using portrait images.

Once this step is completed, all that’s left is to run the algorithm and download the end result to your mobile!


It’s stronger! It’s faster! It’s better! Using an AI powered mobile face swap will make quick work of what would otherwise be a tedious process. There are a number of fantastic mobile-friendly tools for those interested, among which are the likes of Vidnoz, Ismarrta, Miocreate and many more! Pick what suits your preferences and start swapping!


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