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How to Copy Everything from DVDs and Create DVD Copies

A DVD can carry high-quality video or audio files and play them smoothly. However, a DVD is not safe enough to store files today because the disc is easily broken or lost. Why not copy DVDs to your computer as backups? Then, you can transfer the DVD copies to other portable discs or devices so that the contents are never lost. This article will show you how to copy DVDs to a computer in 4 ways.

1. The Best Way to Copy a DVD to a Computer

A good DVD copier should offer user-friendly services, such as fast speed, powerful copying ability, and multiple copying options. Tipard DVD Cloner can quickly fulfill all these features and demands and copy DVDs to a computer on Windows 10/11/7 and Mac with original quality.

Step 1: Download Tipard DVD Cloner for free and launch it. Insert a DVD into your computer’s optical driver. Click the File button on the top left side and then the Select Source button to select the DVD.

Step 2: Click the Target button to choose a file format for the DVD copies. For example, if you copy a video from your DVD, you can choose MP4 format. Then, click the Next button to adjust other settings,

Step 3: You can click the Remove Menu or Skip Menu buttons for the DVD copy, so there’s only a main movie in it. Click the Destination button to select a path for the DVD copy. Finally, click the Start to copy the DVD to your computer.

Note: If you’ve added protection to your homemade DVD, Tipard DVD Cloner can help you break through the protection when you want to copy it. However, Tipard never advocates copying a DVD with copyright protection.

2. Copy a DVD to a Computer with HandBrake

HandBrake is also a video processing program, and it can also copy DVDs on Windows 7 or later. However, it requires a plugin named libdvdcss. With this small plugin, you can utilize HandBrake to copy a DVD to your computer easily.

Step 1: Download libdvdcss.dll from the Internet to HandBrake root. Open the HandBrake and click the Source button in the top left corner. Choose a DVD source.

Step 2: Before you copy the DVD to your computer, many adjustments are worth your attention. You’d better choose the title with the longest time. Click the Browse button to choose where the DVD copy is left. Some video, audio, and subtitle settings are also available. Finally, click the Start button to start the DVD copying.

3. Use VLC to Copy a DVD to a Computer

VLC is also a famous multimedia player that can play many kinds of videos, CDs, and DVDs with some practical editing features. This powerful player can also copy a DVD to a computer on Mac and Windows 10/11.

Step 1: Insert a DVD into your computer’s CD driver. Open VLC and click the File button, then the Convert/Save button.

Step 2: You are to make a DVD copy, so select DVD, and then VLC will recognize the DVD you’ve inserted in the Disc device section. You can also adjust some other settings. Click the Convert/Save dropdown button, then the Convert button.

Step 3: In the Convert panel, you can click the Profile dropdown button to choose a format for your DVD copies. Then, click the Browse button to select a path to save the copies. Finally, click the Start button to start DVD copying.

4. How to Copy a DVD to a Computer Without Software

It’s feasible to copy a DVD to a computer without software when the DVD is re-writable. What does it mean? You can copy the DVD content and paste it onto a hard disc of your computer. If it works, this DVD is re-writable, so you can easily create a DVD copy for your computer.

However, if your computer fails to recognize some DVD contents, then you can convert them to other formats or change to other players.

5. Conclusion

This article shows you how to make a DVD copy on your computer in 4 ways. HandBrake and VLC are popular video processing and playing software, but it may not be easy to locate the DVD copying feature. Tipard DVD Cloner is an exclusive program to copy DVDs to a computer on Windows 10/11. Although some DVDs are re-writable, you still need DVD copy software to change the DVD content format to a recognizable one for your computer. What’s more important is that copying a DVD with copyright protection has never been advocated.


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