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How Do You Find Liked Posts on Instagram iPhone?

Are you an Instagram user wondering how to check your liked posts on your iPhone? You’re in the right place! We’ll show you how in this article. You can quickly access your liked posts on Instagram using your iPhone by following simple steps.

Have you ever considered why Instagram makes it somewhat tricky to find your liked posts in the first place? Is there a purpose behind it? In the world of social media, where every like represents a tiny fragment of your digital identity, understanding how to revisit your liked content can offer some intriguing insights into your online preferences and interests.

In this post, we’ll demystify finding your liked posts on your iPhone. Our approach is straightforward, just clear steps to improve your Instagram experience. Let’s begin!

3 Steps to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Navigating Instagram to find your liked posts might seem tricky initially, but with these straightforward steps, you can easily access them.

1. Accessing Your Profile

Open Instagram: Locate the Instagram app on your iPhone and tap to open it. Ensure you’re logged in to your account.

Profile Icon: You’ll see your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. This icon typically displays your profile picture. Tap on it. This action leads you directly to your personal Instagram profile.

Exploring Your Profile: Your profile is the central hub of your personal Instagram experience. It contains your bio, posts, followers, following list, and more. It’s also the starting point for accessing various settings and options.

2. Delving into Settings

Menu Icon: Look at the top right corner of your profile page. Here, you’ll find three horizontal lines, often called the menu or hamburger icon. Tap this icon.

Accessing Settings: A menu will appear upon tapping the icon. In this menu, find and select the ‘Settings’ option. It’s usually at the top of the list.

Navigating Settings: The ‘Settings’ section is a comprehensive area where you can customize and control different aspects of your Instagram experience. This includes privacy, security, account information, and more.

3. Locating Liked Posts

Finding Account Options: In the ‘Settings’ menu, scroll to locate and select the ‘Account’ option. This section includes settings related to your personal account details.

Locating Liked Posts: In the ‘Account’ section, scroll down until you find the ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ option. Depending on the number of options available, this may require scrolling.

Viewing Liked Posts: Tap on ‘Posts You’ve Liked.’ You will be presented with a grid or list (depending on your view preference) of photos and videos you’ve liked on Instagram. This list is organized chronologically, with the most recent likes at the top.

Browsing Through Liked Posts: You can scroll through this collection to revisit your liked posts. Each post can be tapped to view it in full size, along with the original caption and comments.

4. Understanding SMT on Instagram Enhancing Your Social Media Strategy

On Instagram, you might come across the abbreviation “SMT” quite often, and it stands for Send Me This. When a friend sends you a message or tags you in a post with “SMT,” it basically means they’re interested in you sharing or sending them the content featured in that post. This usually involves sharing something on Instagram between friends.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Locating Liked Posts

Encountering challenges while trying to find your liked posts on Instagram can be frustrating, but these issues are often quickly resolved. One common cause of such difficulties is outdated app versions. 

To ensure smooth functionality, regularly check for and install any available updates for Instagram on your iPhone through the App Store. This step keeps the app running with the latest features and bug fixes. 

Additionally,  if you want to boost your online presence, you can explore options to buy Instagram post likes. Changes in Instagram’s layout or feature set can sometimes temporarily obscure the location of specific options, including the ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ feature. In such cases, taking a moment to familiarize yourself with any new interface changes can be helpful. 

If you’re still unable to locate your liked posts, consider restarting the app or even your device, as this can often resolve minor glitches. Should problems persist, consulting Instagram’s Help Center or community forums can provide specific solutions tailored to your issue.

Tips for Managing Your Liked Posts on Instagram

Managing your liked posts on Instagram can enhance your browsing experience and ensure that your activity aligns with your interests and privacy preferences. Here are some helpful tips for effectively managing your liked posts:

1. Conduct Regular Reviews: Periodically scroll through your liked posts. This activity is not just about unliking content that no longer resonates with you, but it’s also a way to rediscover posts that inspired or entertained you in the past. It helps keep your digital footprint reflective of your present tastes and interests.

2. Be Mindful of Privacy: It’s important to remember that while your list of liked posts is private, your individual likes on posts are visible to others. They can be seen by the post’s creator and, in some cases, by other users. If you prefer a more private interaction, be selective about what you like, or consider using Instagram’s bookmark feature to save posts privately.

3. Utilize the Bookmark Feature: Instead of liking a post you want to revisit later, use the bookmark icon. This allows you to save posts in a private section of your profile. You can also organize these saved posts into collections for better categorization, making them easier to find in the future.

4. Explore ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ Regularly: Familiarize yourself with the ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ feature in your account settings. Regular visits here can better understand your evolving interests and help you manage your likes more effectively.

5. Curate Your Feed Actively: Your likes influence the content Instagram shows you. By being mindful of what you like, you can curate your feed to match your interests better. Review and adjust your likes if your feed needs to be more relevant.

6. Understand the Social Impact: Remember that liking a post is a form of social interaction. It can encourage creators and contribute to the kind of content that gets produced. Your likes have power; use them to support content you genuinely appreciate.

7. Create a Balanced Experience: Don’t just focus on liking posts that align with your interests. Occasionally, liking posts outside your typical preferences can diversify your feed and introduce you to new ideas and perspectives.

By following these tips, you can manage your liked posts on Instagram more effectively, ensuring a more enjoyable and personalized experience on the platform.


Can I View Liked Posts From a Specific Period on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a feature to sort liked posts by a specific time. However, your liked posts are displayed reversely, with the most recent likes appearing first.

Will My Liked Posts Be Lost If I Switch to a New iPhone?

Your liked posts will be recovered if you switch devices. If you log in with the same Instagram account, you can access all your previously enjoyed posts, regardless of the device used.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Liked Posts I Can See on My iPhone?

Instagram allows users to view up to the last 300 posts they have liked. This is a rolling limit, meaning once you exceed this number, the oldest likes will no longer be visible in your wanted posts section.

How Can I Unlike a Post That I Previously Liked on Instagram?

To unlike a post, first, locate it in your ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ section. Then, simply tap the heart icon below the post to unlike it. The post will immediately be removed from your liked posts list.


In conclusion, mastering the art of finding and managing your liked posts on Instagram is crucial for taking control of your digital identity. This blog post has provided clear instructions and practical tips to locate and curate your liked posts on your iPhone effortlessly. 

Your likes can shape your Instagram experience, so use them intentionally. Your journey on Instagram reflects you, so make it meaningful and enjoyable.


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