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Gain Insight into the 6 Best Sales-Centric Magento 2 Payment Extensions

As you know, the online shoppers are in more control of the overall buying process than that of the business owners and marketers. It is mostly because there are diverse options out there for the users to be a bit choosy with their preferences. And one of the major deciding factors for the customers to pick your store over others is the smooth checkout process.

And that’s possible when you have a reliable add-on such as Monetico or PayTrace payment gateway enabled to your store functions. As per a statistic, around 50% of consumers will abandon their purchase at your store if they don’t find their preferred method of payment.

Magento, among all other eCommerce platforms, provides you with the flexibility of being serious about improving your checkout process. In that quest, you are open to integrating various payment extensions to your store functions from diverse marketplaces. May it be a gateway or an add-on payment method, there’s an option for it all.

If you are new to Magento with your store and are looking for ideal payment-related extensions that can lead to better conversions, this article will put up a few options for you to count on. So, read along till the end!

What are the Top Magento 2 Payment Extensions for Boosting Sales?

The list of 6 top Magento 2 payment extensions for your online store includes:

1. PayTrace Payment Gateway

PayTrace payment gateway by Elsner Technologies ensures 100% security for handling all your eCommerce transactions that go through it. This gateway extension is developed with PCI security standards considered!

As per the reviews are concerned, this extension has the capability to process electronic payments in real-time and enables you to receive the payment authorizations in just 3 to 6 seconds.

Every bit of customer data fed to the PayTrace payment gateway will be stored in an end-to-end encrypted system and highly secured data center. Upon using this, you can enable your customers to save their cards safely for processing easy transactions in the future.

2. Monetico Payment Gateway

Monetico is another payment gateway that has impeccable features to support your Magento 2 store operations. Upon integrating this, you can expect that your customers will be redirected to a specifically secured page by Monetico.

It is a modern gateway that supports all electronic transactions within card payment management, such as prepaid, credit, or debit. Moreover, Monetico also integrates certain technologies to support transactions that are made by phone, in-store terminals, mobile devices, internet, or others.

As of now, you have the liberty to integrate the Monetico payment gateway extension to your store and enable simple payments at a time. Following that, you also have the liberty to configure several settings to invoke certain Monetico features to work well for your Magento store.

3. Payment Restrictions

Magento 2 payment restrictions are one of the most intuitive extensions ever built for your online store. The purpose of it is to restrict some payment methods over the store based on various conditional aspects.

Some of those conditional aspects can be based on cart attributes, product attributes, shipping addresses, customer groups, store views, and others. There is freedom for you to use this extension and implement flexible conditions for enabling these payment restrictions.

For instance, if you want to restrict ‘Cash-on-Delivery’ for orders that are below a specific total amount, the Magento 2 payment restriction extension is what would help you implement that rule from the backend.

4. One-Step Checkout

Talking about payment proficiency for your Magento 2 store, it is important to streamline your checkout process to entice customers to complete their purchases. With the one-step checkout Magento 2 extension, you will be able to adjust and optimize the checkout page of your store.

This shall help you speed up the overall checkout process, as all the steps will be mentioned in just a single page. With this, your customers will be able to quickly skim through all the information required for executing the checkout and proceed further to make the payments.

The best part is one-step checkout Magento 2 extension delivers a more user-friendly experience to the customers than that of the multi-page checkout. It will be easier for all your customers to navigate the entire process conveniently.

5. Offline Credit Card Payment Method

You can now enable offline credit card payment method in Magento 2 through this dedicated extension by Elsner Technologies. The purpose of it is to save the credit card credentials of the customers securely by requesting them to enter the card number, expiry, and CVV just once.

These details will be saved in an encrypted manner, to be invoked anytime when your customer comes back to the store to make another purchase. This way, the overall payment convenience will be improved for the customers, enabling them with even faster checkout.

Not only that, but this extension also facilitates the customers to process their payments later while they are placing their orders at the store. Moreover, it also supports offline processing of credit cards, which is an intuitive and new payment method for your Magento store.

6. PayPal Multicurrency

PayPal multicurrency Magento 2 extension is meant to allow your customers to process payments in their desired currency, using PayPal as the gateway. Such a liberty for the customers will enhance their experience over your store.

Moreover, you will also be able to scale your online business on a global scale, as accepting payments from overseas customers will be easier with this multicurrency extension. The customers will be able to see the payable price in their specific currency using PayPal, which contributes towards simplifying the checkout process.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of whether you go with the PayTrace payment gateway, one-stop checkout, or any other extension from this list, your Magento 2 store experience for the customers will eventually be improved.

As there’s no single strategy that can go well for every eCommerce business, it totally depends on the needs of your target audience to decide which extensions would turn out to be productive for your Magento store.


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