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Cornwall Seeker Marks a Decade of Community Storytelling

Cornwall, ON, June 1, 2020 — This month, the Cornwall Seeker, a cornerstone of local journalism in Cornwall, Ontario, is celebrating ten years of unwavering dedication to the community. From its modest beginnings as a small publication, the Seeker has blossomed into an indispensable part of daily life in Cornwall, providing a vital connection to local news, events, and community narratives.

Founded in June 2010 by Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud, the Cornwall Seeker was envisioned as a platform to cast a positive light on local news and to bolster the community by showcasing its achievements. “We aimed to create a medium that genuinely addresses the needs of the community, concentrating on uplifting stories that unite us,” Lucio remarked. Despite a slight shift towards more political content, the Seeker has maintained its founding ethos and has become embedded in the local households and businesses.

Initially launched as a monthly newspaper, the Seeker has transitioned into a newsmagazine format and has cultivated a strong online presence. Its digital platforms, alongside active social media channels, ensure the community remains well-informed and engaged. The publication’s commitment to community journalism has been crucial in covering a broad spectrum of significant issues—from the intricacies of local government decisions and new business openings to school functions and charity initiatives, and even profiling both notable and everyday local figures.

Throughout its existence, the Cornwall Seeker has been a vocal proponent of local arts and culture. Renaud, doubling as the arts editor, emphasized, “We’ve consistently highlighted local artists, musicians, and cultural events that might otherwise remain under the radar. Our goal is to give a voice to everyone in Cornwall.” This dedication has significantly contributed to nurturing a vibrant arts scene in the city, which has seen substantial growth over the past decade. Notably, the Seeker was the inaugural donor to the Art Centre project, contributing $2,500 as seed funding.

The celebration of its tenth anniversary is not merely a reflection on past successes but also an opportunity to look ahead. The Cornwall Seeker is exploring new ways to enhance its digital offerings. “We are considering more interactive content and are contemplating the launch of a mobile app to make our news more accessible to our readers,” Lucio disclosed.

The impact of the Cornwall Seeker has resonated deeply within the community. Mayor Bernadette Clement remarked, “The Seeker is not just a reporter of Cornwall but a part of its fabric. It has played a crucial role in creating a more informed and connected community.”

In line with its anniversary celebrations, the Cornwall Seeker is organizing the Seekers Choice Awards and Fundraiser. This upcoming event aims to support local non-profits while recognizing the contributions of small business owners, artists, and volunteers. Further details about the event will be announced shortly.

Reflecting on the last decade, the Cornwall Seeker has served as a beacon of hope and unity, inspiring other small publications by demonstrating the significant impact of grassroots journalism. The Seeker has actively participated in community betterment through various initiatives and campaigns, ensuring that the real stories of Cornwall’s residents are heard and valued.

Over the past decade, the story of the Cornwall Seeker has been one of passion, community involvement, and a steadfast belief in the power of positive news. As it steps into the next decade, the publication continues its commitment to being a beacon of good news and community spirit in Cornwall, setting the stage for future growth and continued service to its readers.


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