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Condo Selling Advice – How to Succeed in Today’s Difficult Market?

Planning to sell your condo in a big city? The market isn’t what it used to be a few years ago. However, with the right tactics, you can still get a good deal quicker than many would tell you. Selling new condos in Pickering or any other major city is all about knowing the recent trends. The better your property looks, the more it will appeal to potential buyers.

Also, finding potential buyers in the current suffocated market will be a tough nut to crack as well. Successful property agents in any big city always help do things right. However, there is a lot that condo owners can do as well to get a quick desirable sale transaction. So, if you are looking to sell your property, read below to find out more about some helpful tips:

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

First impressions matter in the property buy and sell market. Also, making your property look nicer from the outside is the right step in the right direction. However, with condos, most property owners will not have full liberty to alter the outdoors of the property. Do what you can to boost the curb appeal.

Sometimes, even a single coat of paint goes a long way into redefining the first impressions of any property. Consider small upgrades, such as fresh paint or modern lighting fixtures. Also, some properties will need the entrance to be tidied up, cleaned, and maintained before showings.

Stage the Property to Highlight Unique Selling Points

Staging can make a real difference when looking to sell any property. So, identify and showcase the unique features of your condo by staging it properly. Focus on the key highlights that set it apart from neighboring properties. Make sure to not have any personalization at all. 

Whether it’s a breathtaking view, modern amenities, or a central location, emphasizing these selling points can capture the attention of potential buyers. Create a compelling narrative in your listing descriptions and marketing materials to highlight the lifestyle benefits your condo offers.

Get Your Pricing Strategy Right

Of course, you’d be tempted to list your property at the highest price it can be listed at. However, in today’s difficult market, that might not be the best strategy. Pricing your property strategically is the best way to go. If you consult with an experienced property agent, the guidance will be quite helpful.

Listing condos for sale in Scarborough at a price that has the potential to attract more offers often works best. This encourages bidding wars that will in the end get a much better deal. So, make sure to get your pricing strategy right if you want a quick sale that is at a more desirable price.

Ensure Pre-sale Inspections and Repairs Where Necessary

Older properties will always have some problems. It is very important to do things right before you invite showings. Plumbing, floors, under-floors, basements, storage areas, and under-furniture hidden areas are usually the most important. These will have problems that will often go unnoticed. 

So, make sure to inspect the property and repair what needs work before listing the property. Your potential buyers should not be listing problems in the property to you or your agent. A neat and clean well-maintained property will sell a lot quicker at a more desired price.

Show Your Property on All Major Platforms

In today’s digital age, efficient marketing and showing on the right platforms matter the most. Online property buy-and-sell platforms and social media hold the key to boosting property visibility. Also, professional photography to showcase your condo in the best light will be significant.

Firstly, make sure to hire professional photographers to take meaningful pictures. Smartphone pictures may not be ideal due to lacking detail and aggressive image processing. Also, engaging with an experienced property agent to identify the most important listing platforms will be key.

Make Your Showing Schedule Flexible

Keep in mind the fact that you are showing the property according to your potential buyer’s schedule. Also, adapting to the current market conditions may require flexibility in showing schedules. Offer potential buyers the best opportunity to make a detailed visit to your property.

Condos are small properties that need to be sold quickly. Often, the best way for an unoccupied condo is to give the keys to your real estate agent. He/she will find the time required to show the property to as many potential buyers as possible. This can speed things up for sellers.

Flexible Negotiation Strategies

In today’s challenging market, having the right negotiation skills is paramount. So, be open to reasonable offers and consider offering incentives. These can include covering closing costs or including furnishings. Be as cooperative with the buyer as you can to interest them in making a good offer.

Professional real estate agents are often the best people to negotiate on your behalf. Their years or decades of experience provide them with the skills required to negotiate a good price for your condo. Hire one to sell your condo quickly at a price you want.


Selling a condo in today’s much more difficult market is all about having the right pricing strategy. Also, make sure to fix everything and stage your property well for a quick sale. Additionally, boost the curb appeal and be flexible when it comes to showings. Listing at the right platforms and having the right negotiation skills will help get the best deal for any property. Consider these abovementioned tips to sell your property quickly at a decent price.

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