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Alicia Hamilton is an Inspirational Entrepreneur and Distinguished Luxury Interior Designer

In today’s world, where working from home has become the norm, the significance of the home decor and interior design industry cannot be overstated. As entrepreneurs and remote workers adapt to this new normal, revamping home or office environments is essential. A fresh look doesn’t just enhance moods and reduce brain fog; it acts as a motivating factor, stimulating a smoother workflow.

Alicia Hamilton, like many others, found herself in need of a change in her home environment. With an inherent passion for design, Alicia utilized the pandemic-induced downtime to transform her own living space using her expertise in home decor and luxury interior design. Sharing snapshots of her revamped home on social media, Alicia inadvertently sparked widespread interest. People working from home, inspired by her masterful creations, began seeking her talents to recreate similar aesthetics in their own spaces.

With inquiries pouring in, Alicia recognized the demand for her skills and decided to turn her passion into a profitable venture. The result? The birth of her luxury home decor line, Grandeur By Seventh Avenue. Through her website, Alicia offers several products, including window treatments and luxurious throw pillows. Using her computer drafting skills, she provides personalized plans tailored to clients’ preferences, blending recent trends with her artistic touch, achieving the perfect fusion of functionality and luxury.

Taking her design expertise global, Alicia virtually transforms offices and living spaces for clients worldwide. Her exceptional luxury designs have found their way into the homes of celebrities, a testament to her belief that luxury lies in the details. Living by this philosophy, Alicia combines client styles and ideas with the latest trends, creating environments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also enjoyable to live in and comfortable.

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About Alicia Hamilton

Alicia Hamilton is a multifaceted entrepreneur, interior decorator, and motivational expert. As the creative force behind Grandeur By Seventh Avenue, her luxury home decor line, Alicia’s designs have graced celebrity homes and earned tons of praise. Her passion for motivation and empowerment extends to Pink Fuchsia, a platform she designed to inspire positive transformations in people’s lives. She’s been seen on The Oprah Show, The Doctors Show, and The Mo’Nique Show.

Alicia remains committed to her thriving career, driven by a passion to continue making a positive impact. For those eager to view Alicia’s luxury designs, her Instagram page @aliciagrandeur is a visual treat. If you’re considering transforming your living or work space, Alicia invites you to explore her website at

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