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8 Reasons Rakhi is Tied to Beautify the Right Wrist

In Hindu tradition, the right hand is the most auspicious and should be used to empower one’s desires. When we look at someone’s hands, we should feel that they are loved and honoured by their blood and clan. 

Here are the 8 reasons why tying a thread on the right wrist is considered essential between the bond of a brother and sister:-

  1. To Uphold the Ancient Tradition of Rakhi:

The customs and traditions of ancient times were passed down through generations, just as your parents’ wishes cherish you. 

In celebration of Raksha Bandhan, we honour timeless traditions to promote harmony in our world. This festival of Rakhi is remembered for the mythical stories of King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi, Emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati, as well as Krishna and Draupadi. 

Even today, we intensely celebrate how God can rescue us in the most mysterious ways. This inspires confidence in Goodness, which is why Goodness came to be equated with Godliness.

  1. To be a Historical Witness of Rakhi:

The witness to the Enormous power in the right hand is an imperishable force that joins in to serve God. It is also believed that the labour from the right-hand does not meet misfortune, and all its glory is blessed by the Gods above. 

For example, the soldiers who would fight to uphold honour with a good heart were strengthened by the power of their will as they raised their arms in defence to safeguard the harmless by the amulet that was tied.

 The sisters reminded me of that protection. They had hope and fortune for the country. The Sacred Thread of Rakhi, tied to their destiny in their blood, was sealed.

  1. The Cultural Reset with Rakhi:

The cultural relevance of Rakhi is highly adaptive to the needs of the changing times. Rakhi makes Raksha Bandhan one of the remarkable celebrations that have even taken the form of social movements in the 21st century. 

The Rakhi bond is unique and represents the unconditional love that brings together individuals from diverse communities, transcending gender, race, caste, and creed. This fosters a beautiful sense of belonging beyond familial ties. Celebrate this occasion with the latest editions of Modern Rakhi designs available at Rakhi Bazaar.

  1. Rakhi Thread as a Symbol:

The trust of protection and unconditional loving bond is sealed in loving care between brother and sister. This sacred Thread, which has sentimental value, inspires and is sure to be interwoven in the souls of every brother and sister. 

The Thread invokes the auspicious timeliness of virtue and knowledge in each. Let the tying of Rakhi symbolise devotion to almighty and dutiful protection to the best of their interests. Illuminate the celebration with a modern design made from innovative tassel and zari work.                                     

  1. Herbal Ayurveda for Rakhi:

The pure, naturally handcrafted wooden beads of Rakhi are made from sandalwood. Whether a pearl or the Rudraksha Rakhi. Even the glass crystal Rakhi beads in natural stones have benefits for improving breathing by calming the senses, as they align the inner purpose with the worldly.

Send a breathtaking Rakhi design in timeless Gold or Silver that incorporates the Om mantra. EK Onkar harnesses Ayurveda to clear one’s consciousness of imbalances and stress, which may help avoid disease and lead cheerful lives.

  1. Allowing Flow of Energy:

When we learn to satisfy the needs of our inner child, we become better equipped to support and heal those whom we are meant to help selflessly.

To be celebrated with their exclusive and inexpensive expression to design Unique Kids Rakhi creates an inclusive family occasion to exchange deep-felt wishes.

  1. According to the Holy Scriptures:

According to Hindu scriptures, the left hand is unfavourable because it is not primarily used to organise or complete tasks fruitfully.

Also, it is thought that the right direction is synonymous with every right action a person takes. So, this is why the sisters are asked to tie a Rakhi on their brother’s right hand, as it shall help every left motion move in the right direction.

  1. Modern Science behind Right Hand:

As modern scientists discovered, the brain’s spheres are divided into two. The left side, which is responsible for analytical and verbal functions, plays a dominant role in shaping masculine power on the right side.

It only draws relevance to make the tying of Sacred Rakhi as visually appealing. Fancy Rakhi is a meaningful and memorable way for sisters to be remembered by brothers. It shows the brother that his sister appreciates him and brings balance to their relationship through creative and thoughtful gestures.


Decorating the right wrist of a brother, especially, can have an immense impact on bringing good health. It keeps things in order and synchs with the festive aesthetic. As sisters make the timeless tradition of Raksha Bandhan particularly special for their brother, it benefits their bond by bringing closeness to it.


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