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5 tips to improve your podcast audio quality for free

Good audio is the soul of your podcast. It gives your audience a new experience and they love to spend their time listening to you. On the other hand, bad and noisy audio will distract and bore your audience and they will leave the podcast in between. 

To save you from such consequences and to ensure you get plenty of views and likes on your podcast, we have 5 amazing tips for you that will improve the audio quality of your podcast for free. 

In today’s guide, we will first highlight the importance of good audio and then provide you with tips to improve your audio. 

So, without any further delay, let’s hop into this discussion!

Why is a Good Audio Important?

Good audio is crucial for the popularity of your podcast because crisp and clear audio engages your audience and gives them an unforgettable experience, the listeners will be more likely to stick to your podcast and will come to listen again. Moreover, good audio quality displays your professionalism, consistent good quality audio of podcasts will create a positive brand image and you’ll get more views on your podcasts. Thus, the importance of good quality audio for your podcast is evident. 

5 Tips to Improve Audio Quality of Your Podcasts:

Many people say that you need a soundproof room and a nice setup to make professional podcasts, this is somehow right but this is not a hard and fast rule. Arranging a setup for podcast shooting or a soundproof room can be quite expensive and start-ups can’t afford it. So, we are here to help you make a high-quality podcast with 5 simple tips, these 5 tips are described below in detail:

  1. Ensure Quietness:

Find a quiet place to record your podcast. The quieter the better. The more the quietness, the better the quality of the sounds in your audio. This is because in quiet places amount of noise is minimal or can be considered zero. When the audio has no noises in it, it is technically considered well-recorded and professional. 

Noise distracts and disturbs the audience and also affects their understanding. If you remove noises from your surroundings before recording your podcast, then your audio will be considered professional and engaging with clear and crisp speech sounds. 

  1. Shun the Echo:

Echo makes speech sounds dispersed and incomprehensible. Shunning the echo is the key to ensuring good quality audio of your podcast. 

Echo is produced when sound waves hit the hard surfaces and reflect back toward to speaker. Even though echo seems fun, they possess the tendency to destroy your audio. So, eliminating echo is a must. Make sure to record in a place where there are plenty of soft surfaces like sofas and cushions so the voice will be absorbed in them and will not be reflected. Thus, simply by eliminating the echo you can make your podcast engaging and entertaining. 

  1. Microphone is a Must:

You must be thinking that the title says 5 free tips for good audio quality and here is the author telling us microphone is a must. 

Well yeah, having a microphone is a must for a podcast because it enhances your audio making it sound clear and comprehensible. If you already have a microphone, great but if you don’t then don’t stress out because you can use your earphone for this purpose. Attach your earphones to your smartphone or voice recorder and record the audio by speaking directly to the mini mic of your earphone, together with the first two tips, it will make your audio much more engaging and effective. 

  1. Optimize Your Audio:

Audio optimization is necessary to increase the quality of your podcast. By optimizing the audio, its overall performance on your podcast will be increased. For instance, you compress your audio file to optimize it. The unnecessary data will be removed from it, and its running speed will be increased. As a result, there won’t be any lagging on your podcast and it will go smoothly. Moreover, the audio file format can be changed to improve its quality. To sum up this point, optimizing the audio can be done by compressing it and changing its format to increase its running speed on your podcast. 

  1. AI Audio Enhancement

The concept of AI Audio enhancer is pretty new. An audio enhancer has AI algorithms that analyze and enhance audio without the active involvement of humans. has recently been introduced and is gaining much importance in this era of social media and mass communication. AI voice enhancer is a simple-to-use tool, the users are required to upload the audio they want to enhance and choose the type of enhancement (for instance, quality improvement, background noise removal, voice clarity, etc.), after initiating the processing of the AI audio enhancer, the tool will automatically enhance the audio in just a couple of minutes.

We have discussed 5 free tips above that you can use to enhance your audio quality. Try these tips today and make a significant change in your podcast image. 


In short, in this digital age, the demand for good content is more than ever. Podcasts are an important source of information and entertainment for the audience. A good and professional podcast has views, likes, and a consistent audience. If you want to make your podcast professional and famous, then follow the five tips that we have discussed today to enhance the sound quality of your audio. These tips will ensure that you create a positive brand image and become a successful podcaster in no time.


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