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5 Best Preschools in Kolkata

Preschools are an integral component of children’s educational journey, providing essential grounding in learning and socialization skills as they progress throughout elementary school and into elementary grades.

To ensure that your child receives the best education, you need to choose an ideal preschool. Here are 5 Best Preschool In Kolkata; visit their websites or call them up to gain details regarding admissions and fees.

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care is a franchised preschool that provides high-quality education and care for children. Their teachers are all highly trained in child development and dedicated to creating an ideal, nurturing environment for each of their students. At their school there is a 1:10 teacher-to-child ratio, and their curriculum emphasizes cultivating their students’ interests and skills.

Footprints also provides an innovative technology-enabled platform that enables parents to interact with their child’s teachers and stay informed on the progress of their child. In addition, there is also a live CCTV feed so parents can monitor their safety from anywhere. Footprints is committed to cultivating bright minds and believes they can have a significant impact on society by developing quality preschools and daycares across their network.

Highscope Curriculum at this school aims to develop students’ interests and abilities, leading them towards success on life’s journey. Their classrooms are safe and sanitized environments where children learn through play and socialization with other students; educators encourage self-motivated actions by students while offering plenty of real world exposure like trips to gas stations.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare in Salt Lake City Kolkata goes above and beyond its primary goal of providing safe learning environments by also offering healthy meals to its students. Their chef prepares their daily menu from scratch with healthy options in mind to promote good eating habits in young children.

Footprints is revolutionizing the preschool landscape for parents and children by offering an unparalleled franchise opportunity to edupreneurs. Their comprehensive support includes property identification and set-up assistance, helping their franchise partners get their businesses running quickly. Furthermore, they provide their franchisees with full sales and marketing support services that help build strong brand recognition among potential students; admission guarantees also help their franchisees ensure a steady source of revenue; their ultimate aim is to establish a network of quality preschools and daycares that change lives all at once — their goal being – our world.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids is an Indian preschool chain with over 700 centers that offers research-backed curricula to develop cognitive and emotional skills in students, offering parents and teachers various resources that promote home-learning at Hello Kids centers. In addition, Hello Kids ensures children enjoy a secure and safe learning environment by training staff to respond swiftly in emergency situations; thus enabling Hello Kids staff members to handle any type of situation effectively.

This company boasts several advantages over its rivals, including low franchise costs and its commitment to quality education. Their management team strives to give each child the very best care. Furthermore, they offer competitive benefits packages for employees as well as customers. In addition, they aim to foster an upbeat workplace culture.

Pritam Kumar established Hello Kids in 2005 to provide more affordable education to young children. The school employs a unique method that includes reading, listening and playing in order to prepare children for kindergarten and elementary school education. Hello Kids also provides many programs and services aimed at aiding its student’s academic journey – such as online education training programs – providing their best chance for academic success.

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is an iconic Indian city renowned for its colonial architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals. Home of Mother House of Missionaries of Charity where Mother Teresa rests. Additionally, Kolkata serves as an increasingly popular tourist destination with many visitors appreciating its rich history and vibrant culture.

Little Scholars in Kolkata is one of the premier preschools for children ages three to six. With dedicated staff and rigorous curriculum, this school stands out from others by encouraging children to interact with real world locations, such as gas stations. Furthermore, it takes them on trips where they learn new things while socializing with other children – also taking trips such as gas station visits. Furthermore, its teachers are well-trained, creating a nurturing atmosphere in which to thrive for students while using international-standard curricula aligned with CBSE, ICSE and IB curricula.

Bachpan Global Klay Preschool

Bachpan Global Klay Preschool strives to foster children’s holistic development – cognitive, social, emotional and physical alike – as part of an edutainment approach and believes preschool education should be enjoyable and exciting for kids. Through extracurricular activities that help develop gross and fine motor skills while encouraging curiosity and creativity. They provide many fun extracurricular activities that promote gross and fine motor development as well as team collaboration skills and working cooperatively. With its focus on edutainment this school strives to make learning fun for its young students!

Bachpan offers an innovative curriculum centered on thematic and activity-based learning for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG classes. They use HD-3D e-learning modules to make classes more exciting for kids while encouraging critical thinking through extensive research. Furthermore, students are encouraged to use their imagination when creating art and crafts projects while being supported with facilities like play areas, AV rooms and concept rooms such as doll houses, dining rooms and gyms.

Bachpan School not only educates its students about the world, but also equips them to appreciate and respect it. Field trips are organized for visiting banks, railway stations and zoos as well as grocery stores so students can gain a more complete picture of products and services available in real life environments – providing children with a deeper insight into our modern society and all its complexities.

This preschool chain is a well-recognized institution with multiple locations across India. Known for their innovative teaching methods and exceptional creativity development programs, their innovative methods have gained them the trust of parents across India. Their dedication to quality education means their teachers strive to give every child a strong start in life; its curriculum covers cognitive, social and emotional development as well as inspiring creative expression among its pupils.

The Bachpan Playschool is one of the leading preschools in India. Specializing in early child development, its highly qualified teachers specialize in early child education while extracurricular activities such as yoga, dance, music and more are offered as extracurriculars. Their curriculum is based on EYFS Framework of United Kingdom with comprehensive student progress reports to keep track of each child’s development.

Kidzee Preschool

Kidzee Uniworld Daycare and Preschool in Uniworld City offers outstanding day care and preschool facilities. As an educational institute, Kidzee offers programs in music, drawing, karate training and cricket coaching; in affiliation with Zee Learn and Mount Litera; two prominent pioneers of early childhood care and education (ECCE).

Since 2022, this school has provided quality education to children from birth. With dedicated classrooms and an experienced teaching staff on staff full-time. Furthermore, it boasts amenities like air conditioning and CCTV surveillance to round off its offerings.

Kidzee employs the pre-school curriculum in order to ensure children are prepared for formal education, developing essential skills such as reading, writing, and math while encouraging children to explore new things while making friends with other children – which in turn enables them to gain independence.

Kidzee has been operating successfully for more than 10 years and has cared for more than 2,00,000 children across India. Through their Interactive ILLUME pedagogy, this preschool chain gives its students an opportunity to discover their hidden potential through careful observation of each learner’s preferred learning style and creating activities accordingly. Furthermore, Kidzee provides annual assessments to monitor growth.

Children are naturally inquisitive and enjoy exploring their environment, yet many parents struggle to provide them with enough attention. Therefore, it is imperative that you select an ideal school for your child in order to give them the foundation necessary for future success.

Kidzee Preschool stands out as one of the top preschools in Kolkata by providing an innovative and stimulating curriculum for children of all ages. Their activities help develop each child’s cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains – teaching reading and writing while encouraging exploration of interests.

Kidzee is an Indian preschool chain with over 1700 centers nationwide. Their innovative pedagogy known as iLLUME strives to promote multiple intelligences including language-related, mathematical-logical, spatial kinesthetic and musical. Furthermore, Kidzee has a strict selection process for teachers that meets strict educational requirements as well as extensive early childhood education experience.


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