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12 Top Tiktok downloader: enjoy TikTok videos as you want

In recent years, TikTok has rapidly gained immense popularity as a platform for creating and sharing short video content. Originally launched in China in 2016 under the name Douyin, the app was rebranded as TikTok when parent company ByteDance brought it to international markets in 2017. Since then, TikTok has amassed over 1 billion monthly active users globally.

Undoubtedly, TikTok is overflowing with entertaining videos spanning categories like dance, comedy, education, inspiration, and more. However, users face one major limitation – TikTok videos require an internet connection to watch. Consequently, favorite videos can’t be accessed offline when traveling or without WiFi access.

To address this problem, many third-party apps have emerged to allow downloading TikTok videos directly to your device for offline viewing anytime, anywhere. In this tutorial, we will compare some top options for Tiktok downloaders in order to help you find the best app to suit your needs.

Specifically, we will overview the features, interface, ease of use, and cost for the top TikTok downloader apps. Additionally, we will highlight any potential drawbacks of each app. In the end, you should have a clear sense of which Tiktok downloader is optimal based on your priorities and preferences. With this knowledge, you can save your beloved TikTok videos for entertainment on the go.

What is the Tiktok downloader

There are some key features include:

  • Allows downloading TikTok videos to watch offline
  • Typically downloads videos in MP4 format
  • Provides option to select video quality like HD or standard definition
  • Downloads just the video file or with captions and metadata
  • Works by entering the URL of the TikTok video
  • Some support bulk downloading multiple videos
  • Available as desktop programs, mobile apps, or web-based services
  • Allows re-sharing downloaded videos on other platforms
  • Provides faster access compared to screen recording
  • Bypasses restrictions of viewing region/country-locked videos
  • Avoids data charges from streaming videos on mobile
  • Lets you archive or backup favorite videos

Why do we need to use a Tiktok downloader

There are several reasons why using a Tiktok downloader is useful:

  • Save videos to watch offline when you don’t have internet access
  • Download videos in higher quality for clearer viewing
  • Archive favorite videos before they get deleted or made private
  • Share videos with friends through messaging apps or social media
  • Avoid data charges from streaming videos while on mobile networks

How to Download TikTok Videos

Here are the basic steps:

Step 1Copy the URL of the TikTok video which you want
Step 2Paste the URL into the Tiktok downloader site
Step 3Select video quality if given the option (e.g. HD or SD)
Step 4Click the “Download” button
Step 5The video will start downloading to your device
Step 6Some sites may require you to paste URL, click a button, then paste URL again before downloading. Follow instructions on each downloader site.

List of best Tiktok downloader tools

There are some tools for downloading TikTok videos:

1. SSStiktok

Best for: Flexible format support

SSStiktok lets you easily download TikTok videos in MP4, MOV and more by pasting the URL. It can download 1080p HD for high quality. The simple copy-paste interface makes downloading TikTok videos fast and straightforward. The interface is straightforward with just entering the URL and clicking download.


  1. Downloads TikTok videos in MP4, MOV, and other formats
  2. Option to download HD quality up to 1080p
  3. Simple point and click interface
  4. Chrome extension available
  5. Supports downloading private and restricted videos

Verdict: SSStiktok is great for anyone wanting flexibility in download formats while still getting high quality TikTok video downloads through a quick and easy process.

Price: Free

– Supports downloading in multiple formats– Limited to only downloading TikTok videos
– Can download HD quality up to 1080p– No mobile app, web-based only
– Simple and easy to use interface– Requires copying/pasting video URL to download

2. KeepVid

Best for: Downloading from multiple platforms

As a long-operating site, KeepVid is a trusted tool for saving videos.


  1. Downloads TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch videos
  2. Supports MP4 format up to 4K 2160p
  3. Clean and simple interface
  4. Fast download speeds
  5. Web-based, no app install needed

Verdict: KeepVid is ideal for those wanting the ability to download videos from TikTok as well as other top video platforms, all through one tool.

Price: Free

– Can download from many platforms beyond just TikTok– No mobile app, web-based only
– Supports 4K 2160p video quality– Contains some ads on website
– Fast download speeds– Must copy/paste URL to download

3. 4K Tokkit from 4K Video Downloader

Best for: Maximum video quality

4K Tokkit is a very powerful application. It’s very fast at downloading while also grabbing captions, hashtags, and other metadata along with the video file.


  1. Downloads TikTok videos in 4K quality
  2. Also gets captions, hashtags, and metadata
  3. Fast download speeds
  4. Simple point-and-click interface
  5. Works on Windows and Mac

Verdict: If getting maximum video resolution is the priority, 4K Tokkit delivers TikTok downloads in stunning 4K while remaining quick and easy to use.

Price: Free

– Downloads in maximum 4K quality– Windows/Mac only, no mobile or web version
– Quick download speeds– Can only download one video at a time
– Grabs captions, hashtags, metadata– Limited to MP4 format

4. HD Tik

Best for: Simplicity

As a web-based tool that requires no registration or signup, HD Tik offers a super simple TikTok downloading experience. It does just one thing – downloads TikTok videos – but does it very well. Just paste the video URL to get downloads in HD and standard quality. It also grabs the captions and hashtags.


  1. Streamlined for only downloading TikTok videos
  2. Get HD and standard quality options
  3. Downloads captions and hashtags
  4. No signup required
  5. Easy point and click downloading

Verdict: For basic no hassle downloads, HD Tik is one of the simplest and most straightforward Tiktok downloaders available.

Price: Free

– Streamlined exclusively for TikTok– No advanced features beyond downloading
– Simple and hassle-free use– Can only get HD and SD quality
– No registration needed– Unable to batch download videos

5. ExpertsPHP

Best for: Speed

ExpertsPHP focuses on fast TikTok video downloads in high quality HD along with MP4 and WEBM formats. This web-based tool has a clean interface requiring only the video URL to be pasted before clicking download. Downloads are delivered promptly.


  1. Fast download speeds
  2. Get videos in HD, MP4 and WEBM formats
  3. Very simple and clean interface
  4. No ads or popups
  5. Web-based so no app install needed

Verdict: When you want quick, no fuss downloads, ExpertsPHP delivers fast high quality TikTok videos in just seconds.

Price: Free

– Very fast download speeds– Only web-based, no apps
– Downloads in HD, MP4, WEBM formats– Requires copying/pasting video URL
– Clean and simple interface– No advanced features

6. xxxTikTok

Best for: Downloading playlists

xxxTikTok distinguishes itself by allowing users to download entire TikTok playlists or collections of videos in one batch. This saves time versus downloading videos one at a time. Just copy and paste the playlist URL. The site is very fast and downloads come in HD quality.


  1. Can download full playlists or collections
  2. Batch downloading saves time
  3. Downloads in HD video quality
  4. Fast download manager
  5. Includes captions if available

Verdict: If you want to save entire playlists or collections of videos from your favorite TikTok creators, xxxTikTok makes it easy.

Price: Free

– Can download entire TikTok playlists/collections– Web-based only, no mobile app
– Batch downloading saves time– Need to copy/paste playlist URL to download
– Downloads in high video quality– No advanced editing features

7. TikTokDownloader

Best for: Simplicity

TikTokDownloader is a very useful tool. Downloads are quick with no hassles. The clean ad-free interface makes it very easy to use.


  1. Simple web-based interface
  2. Downloads up to 1080p HD quality
  3. Fast download speeds
  4. No ads or popups
  5. Easy to use on any device

Verdict: For a basic hassle-free TikTok downloading solution, TikTokDownloader delivers with its simplistic yet effective approach.

Price: Free

– Very simple and easy to use– No mobile app, web-based only
– Hassle-free downloading– Can only get up to 1080p HD quality
– No ads or popups– Unable to batch download multiple videos

8. MusicallyDown

Best for: Long-time users

MusicallyDown has been around since the era when TikTok was known as This web-based tool has years of experience and reliability for downloading TikTok videos. It delivers high quality HD downloads along with the captions. The straightforward interface makes downloading a breeze.


  1. Downloading TikTok videos since the days
  2. Get videos in HD quality
  3. Also downloads captions
  4. Simple point-and-click download process
  5. Trusted tool with long history

Verdict: For those who have used and now TikTok for years, MusicallyDown is a tried-and-true downloader that just works.

Price: Free

– Long history and reliability– Dated interface
– Downloads in HD video quality– Web-based only, no mobile app
– Grabs captions with videos– Need to copy/paste URL to download

9. SnapTik

Best for: Converting formats

In addition to downloading as MP4, SnapTik provides the ability to convert TikTok videos into other formats like AVI, MKV, MOV and more. This gives you flexibility in saving videos. The interface is clean and intuitive with fast downloads.


  1. Download TikTok videos as MP4
  2. Can convert to other formats after downloading
  3. Clean and easy-to-use interface
  4. Fast download manager
  5. No registration required

Verdict: For full control over video format conversion, SnapTik lets you download and convert TikTok videos to MP4 along with other file types.

Price: Free

– Can download as MP4 and convert formats– Web-based only, no mobile app
– Clean and easy-to-use interface– Requires copying/pasting video URL to download
– Fast downloading– No option for bulk downloading multiple videos

10. Qoob Clips

Best for: Preserving data

Qoob Clips is a newer Tiktok downloader but has quickly become popular for its ability to retain metadata like captions, hashtags, and user tags when downloading. This makes it great for archiving or data preservation. Video quality is HD and the interface is very user-friendly.


  • Downloads with metadata intact
  • Gets videos in HD quality
  • Simple point-and-click interface
  • Chrome extension available
  • Support for private and restricted videos

Verdict: If you want to download while preserving captions, hashtags, and other data, Qoob Clips excels at complete TikTok video archiving.

Price: Free

– Preserves captions, hashtags, metadata when downloading– Web-based only, no mobile app
– Downloads videos in HD quality– Requires copying/pasting URL to download
– Simple and easy to use– No option for bulk downloading multiple videos

11. Tiktokfull

Best for: Speed

As its name suggests, Tiktokfull is all about fast and efficient TikTok video downloads. The ad-free interface makes it extremely quick and easy to paste a URL and download HD videos along with captions and metadata. Great for grabbing videos quickly.


  • Very fast downloading
  • Downloads in HD video quality
  • Grabs captions and metadata
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Web-based, no app needed

Verdict: With speedy downloads in high quality, Tiktokfull lives up to its name for quickly grabbing full TikTok videos.

Price: Free

– Very fast download speeds– Web-based only, no apps
– Downloads in high quality HD– Can only get one video at a time
– Grabs captions and metadata– Need to copy/paste URL to download

12. HitPaw

Best for: File conversion

HitPaw is a desktop software that excels in downloading and converting TikTok videos. It can download high quality videos then convert to MP3 and over 1000 other formats. The software is quick and downloads are free of any watermarks.


  • Downloads high quality videos
  • Converts to MP3, M4A and many other formats
  • Fast batch downloading
  • Removes any watermarks
  • User-friendly desktop interface

Verdict: For robust file conversion alongside downloading, HitPaw delivers exceptional versatility in saving and converting TikTok videos.

Price: Free trial with paid subscriptions

– High quality video downloads– Desktop software only, no mobile app
– Robust video and audio conversion capabilities– Need to copy/paste URL to download
– Fast batch downloading– Cannot mass download multiple videos

Comparing Top TikTok Downloaders

When choosing a Tiktok downloader, consider factors like:

SSStiktok Web, Chrome extension4.5/5
4K TokkitWindows, Mac4.7/5
HD TikWeb4.4/5
Qoob ClipsWeb, Chrome extension4.8/5
HitPawWindows, Mac4.3/5

FAQ about Downloading TikTok Videos

Is it illegal to download videos from TikTok?

  • Downloading for personal use is generally not illegal in most countries
  • Unlikely to face legal consequences for having videos saved privately
  • Do not re-upload, share, or distribute downloaded videos
  • Re-posting without permission can violate copyright
  • Keeping downloads private for personal use is legally gray area
  • Check laws in your specific country to be sure

Can private TikTok videos be downloaded?

  • Most downloaders cannot grab private videos. However, some advanced downloaders claim to be able to download even private or restricted videos from profiles.

Should I download videos from TikTok?

  • Downloading videos violates TikTok’s terms of service and could risk a ban.
  • However, many users still download videos to:
    • Save favorite videos to watch offline
    • Share funny videos with friends
    • Avoid losing access if deleted
    • Use clips in other projects
  • Decide if benefits outweigh risks for your needs.
  • Proceed with caution using a reputable downloader.
  • Keep downloaded videos private for personal use only.
  • Consider storage space taken up by large videos.


If you use the Tiktok downloader tool, you will find TikTok videos to watch offline is easy. You can look for a downloader which can meet your needs. Check reviews and compare features to pick the best Tiktok downloader that fits your needs.

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